Daves_greek_photos_045_1 Those beautiful lines in those fields are not paint as (I have been asked many times before), they are made by rolling or bending the grass in opposite directions by a vertical reel mower.  Your standard rotary mower can’t perform this function because it requires a roller or some type of vertical movement to push the grass in one direction. There are some companies making roller attachments for your push mowers but I haven?t tried any yet.

Before going out and buying something to stripe your field or lawn you need to know that the type of turf you have also dictates the ability to stripe the grass. 


and fescue turfs are the best.  Also dormant Bermuda grass overseeded with rye type grass is good. 

St Augustine

and Bermudas are a little tougher but can be achieved.

If you really want to purchase a rotary stripping push mower they are available.  We use them at Cal Ripken stadium for all of the berms and they do a great job. 

The product name we use is known as the national IM25 or the I-stripe. Turfco manufactures them.  You’re not going to find this guy in your local hardware stores. 

Check to see where the local dealer is for you.


I always wondered how they did that! I am going to try it on my yard. thanks cameron

Some of the field striping around the league has become art. Did you see the NY skyline that the Mets did in the Shea outfield to open the season?

It is absolutely amazing! Bill Butler the head groundskeeper and his staff have really created something special for the world to see! Keep an eye on the Red Sox field because Dave Mellor always has some creative surprizes.

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