Sunday a day of Thanks

People get through life with the help of others.  God gives us a lot to be thankful for. In the turf business, you thank Mother Nature for the sun and rain to help grow the grass.  You also thank him for your family, friends and peers that support you in whatever you do. 

This groundskeeping blog is a tool for me to thank everyone over the years in my turf career that has been a team member for getting the stadium and field ready to go.  Heres a couple that come to mind. (more to come later as this blog runs) 

Scott, Chad O, Marti, Darrell, Erik, Josh, Austin, Blair and Joe for making things happen around the world for STS. Dr Dave Davis of VPI for his photos and help in greece. Cindy and Budge.  All my STMA friends and peers. Dennis, Mike, Tim and Chad K.

God bless you all and thanks for your help along the way!

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