General Groundskeeping Terms

This is a very brief list of groundskeeping terms that may be helpful to the general public.  Add to it if you would like!

Batting Cage – A frame covered with netting that is used for batting practice on the field.

Batting Tunnell – A frame or cabled system  covered with netting that is used for batting practice off the field.

Batters box frame –  Tool used for measuring the batters box to line it

Infield Trapazoid- A windscreen type material used to protect the infield grass during bating practice

Tamp ? tool with handle used to tightly pack down dirt

Plate Tamp – vibrating motorized flat tamp to copact larger areas

Triplex mower ? a mower that runs vertical reels (golf course mower

Chalk box/Dry liner- for lining fields

Clay bricks/packing clay- mound and homeplate mix used specifcally for the repairs

Nail drag – Piece of lumber with rows of nails used for working the infield dirt.

Cocoa mat ? Mat pulled across/around the infield dirt to create a smooth even surface

Tarp ? Waterproof covering to keep excess water off infield dirt area

Lip ? Slightly elevated ridge in the turfgrass adjacent to a skinned area caused by build up of infield material

Divot ? Piece of turf torn up from the playing field turf

Skinned area ? infield dirt area around base path

Dugout ? A sunken shelter at the side of the field where players stay while not on the field

Pitcher?s plate (rubber) ?plate located on top of pitcher?s mound

Base ? any one of the four corners of the infield marked by a bag or plate

Home plate ? The base at which a batter stands when hitting and which a runner must cross safely in order to score

Warning track ? area of material or artificial material placed in the outfield and around stands to warn players of approaching boundary ? fence, railing or dugout

Drag Mat –  Sometimes can be of metal linkage… flexible of stiff depending on application

Infield clay ? mix of clay, silt and sand used in the nongrass areas around the base path

Core aeration ? The creation of vertical channels in the soil with a hollow cylinder that physically removes a core of turf and soil to a specified depth

Dethatching ? The process of mechanically removing or thinning the thatch layer between the surface of the soil and the turfgrass canopy

Topdressing ? Addition of  sand or soil to the surface of the turf

Scarify ? Process of loosening the surface of the ground in preparation for seeding, sprigging or sodding

Overseeding ? Application of additional turfgrass seed to existing turf

Soil conditioner ? materials which are added to soil to improve its performance characteristics

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