My Yard

Thanks for the emails and field questions….B. Harmon from Texas asked me in an email if I take care of my yard like a baseball field. 

Well B.H. The answer is Yes and no.  I enjoy it when I have time…but when I don’t,  my teenage boys have the yard duty. They do a good job.   Here is a photo they took and emailed me this week.  Thanks Cam and Scott!

Front_yard_photo_1 The mower we use is a National I-25 walk behind rotary. It has a bag attachment on it which helps pick up leaves, sticks, tennis balls, etc…

Unlike a baseball field I don’t have to maintain any mounds!  Since its a Bluegrass/Rye Blend, I sometimes get a fungus in the summer but not very often.  We fertilize about 4-5 pounds per thousand square feet per year. ( A pro baseball field could go as high as 10-12 pounds per year pending the location).  We keep the turf at about 2.5 inches and mow as needed.  There you go Mr. Harmon!

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