Coolest Job in Baseball!

There are a lot of cool jobs out there in sports but none can beat the life of a groundskeeper.  Here is my top 10 reasons why the job is the best.

10.  You get a great tan without trying to!

9.    The job is better than joining a gym.  It keeps you  healthy….no need for exercise after those 5 tarp pulls and lugging around a 50lb bag of soil conditioner during a rain delay.

8.    The job gives you time to think…Mowing a 2 acre ball field takes about 1.5 hours per day and normally your a one man show so there is no one else to talk to. 

7.    You become a pop music know it all and learn to sing….I personally have witnessed guys and gals mowing fields with head-sets singing …(Its a good thing no one can hear them over the mower)

6.    Everyone wants to be your Friend…if its a pro stadium grounds job the fans want you to get autographs, tickets, baseballs or …even dates with the players!  A lot of folks even ask for the groundskeepers autograph!

5.    You get to work long days during the summer and short days during the winter.  (Pending location…Florida doesn’t count here)

4.    You can wear flip flops and T-shirts to work everyday!

3.     You get to watch a lot of baseball for free!

2.     Its a job you can do forever and in most cases your boss has no idea how to take care of a baseball field….great job security!


1.    You get to hang out with Mother Nature and work with some great people!

Tiawan_photos_11This photo was taken in Taiwan at the 2001 World Cup of Baseball.  To the far right standing is one of the best singing groundskeepers in the business…as long as the mower is running!


I live in Canada and we dont have to many baseball fields. Are there any girls that are groundskeepers for pro teams in the US?


Actually there are several. Heather Nabozny was the first girl in the Majors (Tigers) but there have been quite a few in the minors and it is growing. I am not sure what the count is but thats a good question! I will check and get back to you. Thanks

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