Hurricane Season

Get your nails and plywood ready because its going to be another active year in the tropics!  I was recently traveling through the Caribbean and spoke with a couple residents from Santiago and they confirmed the bad news based on late spring conditions.  They explained that the heavy rains in May that have hammered the Dominican Republic signal a tough hurricane season. I have read several articles that relate to the uncharacteristic weather we have had so far this year that state the same outcome.

Damage from Hurricane Charley last year in Daytona Beach

Having lived in Florida for 12 years we saw our fair share of bad weather,  but nothing like the residents went through last year.  Millions of dollars in damage to spring training ballparks through out the state.  At Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter every light pole in the stadium blew down except one.  Poles were knocked down in Daytona Beach at the Cubs stadium as well. 

Lets all hope these predictions are wrong, but at the same time you should have a hurricane plan in place now to protect your family and property.

NOAA has a great new weather site for you weather trackers.

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