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Olympic_photos_of_familty_and_field_016 WANTED:  Anyone looking for a good… fun… outdoor summer job working in a baseball stadium!  Must like long hours, working under a wide range of climates, Baseball experience not necessary, Gardening, horticulture, turf or grounds management a plus!!!!!

I hear it from a lot of people about how they want a job in baseball working in the front office.  Anyone that is searching for a job in baseball should also consider a groundskeeping position   Obviously, the more education you have as it relates to Agronomy, Horticulture or soils science will help to increase your value when a Head job comes up.  I know many groundskeepers in professional baseball that  have apprenticed and interned at parks with out a formal education.  I have also had the privilege to work with a few very well educated sports turf professionals that have a hard time mowing a straight line. A lot of what happens on the field as it relates to groundskeeping is an art!  I know of a couple front office job seekers have changed there degree and decided to move towards sports turf management and stadium operations. 

The top traits/experience I look for when hiring someone is their work ethic, personality, team player, common sense, strong back and a drive to succeed regardless of the elements.  Give me someone that possesses those skills and in a couple years he or she could be the head groundskeeper of a pro ball club.

If you have an interest in the profession check out some of the links I have to the right or send me a note. You never know you may be a natural! 

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There is no link at the right, where do I sign up? By the way, this picture just brought something to my attention. I think it’s good to have grass all around the foul territory of the field where dirt is not needed as you see here. It looks good.

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