IOC Cancels Baseball for 2012

Daves_greek_photos_096Baseball suffered an international blow when the IOC voted to remove the sport from the Olympics in 2012.  Having been involved in a few Olympics its tough to comprehend how they decided on removing a sport like baseball that is

loved by millions of people around the world! (GREEK TEAM ABOVE)

The game will still be played in Beijing 2008, but in London 2012, where MLB happens to have an office, the game will not be a medal event. I feel bad for the country and the people over there who have lobbied so hard for the sport only to have a hand full of IOC members change the future of the game in Great Britain. 

Just recently, I received word from friends at the B.B.U.K . (Baseball United Kingdom) about the excitement and plans they have made to use the 2012 Olympic games to promote baseball through out the country where thousands play softball and baseball.  He sent me a note today and said the IOC vote changes everything for the sport. Projects are coming to a halt to build fields for youth development!

We need a International Blog to send a message to the IOC.  Its time to sound off baseball fans!!!

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