Back from Italy

Gone for a couple weeks with the family to Italy.  One of those vacations you always think about and never take…no cell phone, blackberry etc..  In this day and time a true vacation from work is pretty tough. My first "summer" vacation in 20 years!  Working at ballparks makes getting away during mid season tough.  I found myself on "our family beach day" checking out Major League Baseball’s European Baseball Academy in Tirrinia Italy.  We have been assisting the locals with renovating a field over the past several months and I was so close I had to check out the status.  Nice field and a great staff. Dan Bonnano MLB’s European operator does a great job.

The Academy will start this August and assist the ongoing development of some 60 local Italian baseball players.  Baseball is growing in Europe..regardless of what the IOC thinks.  Now with the World Baseball classic taking shape for 2006 the game will grow even greater around the world.  Greece_italy_photos_145

There is a really cool beach outside of Pisa in Tirrinia that is owned by the USA.  There is a Army Base in the area so sharing some time with our enlisted men goofing off on the beach was a highlight.  It was nice at the end of the trip to purchase a cheese burger and fries with US currency instead of Euros at the snack bar. You can imagine, eating pasta everyday can take its toll on the body!  What was even more ironic was watching the line at the snack bar build with locals purchasing the same thing. I can guarantee its the only place in Italy you can purchase a hot dog! I guess our All American beef burger and tube steak have a few friends everywhere.  It was the first time I had been to a country that didn’t have your standard McDonald’s or KFC.  I saw one in Florence! 

Its good to be home.

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