August 2005


Lately we have been spending quite a bit of time in Holland preparing the stadiums and fields for the 2005 world cup of baseball that will be held fro Sept 2-18Th.  This is the largest official international tournament of 2005.  The 18 team tournament will be utilizing a large group of Minor League players from Major League Organizations.  Dscn0023 We have been assisting with the renovation of the 5 fields in rebuilding of the mounds, plates, turf etc.  Chad Olsen, Dennis Klein, Josh Viet and myself are heading up the field improvements for the International BAseball federation and the Dutch Organizing Committee. The USA team will be managed by Davey Johnson so hopefully we will have a winner under his guidance.  He is a great manager to work with as it relates to field operations

The final games are to played in Rotterdam and Haarlem while Amsterdam, Almere and Eindoven will take part in the first 2 rounds of play.

As far as the fields go our greatest challenge is the mounds and home plates. We are using local clay material which is somewhat below the average material most of the professional guys are used to throwing on but I am sure they will do fine. 

More to BLOG on this tournament as it begins Friday. 

Prepare for a HOT Fall Season


Homeowners beware…..our turf friends in most weather media circles and almanacs have aligned like the stars and are all saying the same thing.   A more active hurricane season and extended dog days

Most lawns in the northeast are starting to suffer from stress and with the heat you need to check your options for keeping your grass healthy. 

Here are a couple tips:

1.  Water your lawn early in the morning very heavy everyday for about 15 to 20 minutes.  If it rains you can reduce the amount, but don’t count on the rain.  If you can’t water in the morning, then water at night.  Also, you don’t want to go out and flood stressed turf so make sure you start irrigating before the grass browns to a white color. Afterwards cross your fingers!

2.  Hold off on Fertilizers or herbicides.  These will only stress your yard even more and also could spike a fungus problem that could cause more damage.   

3.  Reduce play time with the kids on areas that are stressing.  Sounds easier than it looks. Sprinklers and kids kind of go together. Even after watering try to keep off stress areas as much as possible so they can regenerate.  This practice also reduces tracking potential disease to other parts of your yard.

4.  Do a rain dance…you never know!

If you can make it till the end of October with turf cover, you should be smooth sailing territory from there.