World Cup Groundskeeping in Holland

The World Cup of Baseball has started and we have a few guys from our Sports Turf Service Division helping the Dutch Federation with field maintenance and overall baseball operations.  Dennis Klien from the Round Rock Express also made a guest groundskeeping appearance. 

What is most unique about the ground crew staff is that they are all volunteers.  Even if there was not a world cup,  the facilities are ran by the volunteer approach.  Its what this country is all about!  Reminds me of the early years when the community maintained the little league fields.  The turf here is a POA/Blue mix and the infield clay as it is called here "gravel" is more course than what we have in the states.  It plays good for a while …then kind of gets loose.  Local materials were used for these fields because of budget issues but overall they are holding up OK. 

Dscn0478 Photo at left is one of Eric Campbell USA Baseball Team Manager and Davey Johnson the Field Manager for Team USA in Haarlem, Holland. 

Netherlands, Cuba and USA are up 4-0 in the tournament going into to days games. USA has there hands full with Peurto Rico. 

USA Team belowDscn0458  during Opening Ceremonies Rotterdam, Holland

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