Way back in 1993 MLBI held an event at the Oval Cricket Grounds in London.  We actually had to dig up part of the hallowed grounds to build the field for a group of minor leaguers from the Red Sox and the Mets.  The grounds were used in WWII as a prisoner of war camp.  I felt bad having to dig into the turf like we did for this event but thats the way it goes in the world of special event management.

The Oval has been around since the 1600’s.  In fact I recently dropped into see an old friend from those days Bill Gorden.  Bill Has been at the oval since the 1700’s too!  Actually he took over the reigns from from the world renowned Harry Brind.  The greatest MLB baseball event in europe at the time came off with some tense moments due to weather.

Without the support of Bill the "French’s Open Baseball Weekend" would have been a disaster.

For you cricket fans…the Oval is hosting the "Ashes"  this weekend.  In American terms its comparable to hosting the Superbowl.  It has not been at the oval cricket grounds for well over 50 years and our British neighbors have a good chance of taking it back from the Aussies.

Good Luck bill and see you soon!!

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