Help Wanted!!

Panama_series_1 This time of year many groundskeepers have put there field to bed for the winter and have started to get a little cabin fever. 

Maybe your not even a head groundskeeper and want to become one someday!!!  Let me give you a couple of the pros and cons of this industry before you decide to throw your shirt and tie out the door in exchange for a rake.

1.  Ask yourself ….If you like to work outside, in all climates, everyday of the spring and the summer and holidays….which would include 16 hour game days !  If the answer is yes then go to next question.

2.  If you want to be the head groundskeeper of a professional level field you will need to "pay your dues", just like anywhere else. It may take a couple years and some turf courses here an there but there are many head groundskeepers in this industry that began as a bat boy or clubhouse person and then moved to the field.  Actually there are even a few Big League GM’s and VP’s that dabbled with groundskeeping before they moved up the ladder. 

3. I would suggest heading over to the local pro ballpark and initially request to work part time on the ground crew. You will know within a few weeks if the profession is what would like to do for a new or possible career change. 

I have had the privilege of working with many guys and gals from many different professional backgrounds.  For example: Dr. Steve S. is a professor at an Ivy League School in sports marketing. Not your typical groundskeeper type. This guy is probably the hardest working volunteer I have seen in years.  He takes his summers off to help with the maintenance of fields for Olympics and baseball tournaments.  Awesome guy …with a vast amount of knowledge regarding sport turf management.  If he really wanted to change his career he could probably land a minor league job somewhere.

So if your shopping for a career change send me note for more tips. 

Have a great holiday season and be safe!!

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