Baseball Tomorrow Fund and Brickman Partners

Tis the season for spreading good will and sharing stories of how people in the world are working together to make it a better place for people in the baseball industry. 

Recently,  there was an announcement regarding the Brickman Group  partnering with the Baseball Tomorrow Fund to help with worldwide field improvements and development. Our sports turf team will help with evaluations and field maintenance training for the grant recipients.

I can not begin to tell you how excited I am about this wonderful partnership.  The Baseball Tomorrow Fund (BTF) has been around for several years providing grants to help improve baseball fields around the world.  I have had the chance to work with the BTF on a few projects over the years and now we have the ability to offer even  more for the baseball industry in an effort to improve the field of play for all ages and levels! 

Be sure to check out the BTF website in the near future for information that will help groundskeepers of all levels in maintaining there fields.  The Brickman Group is a national company that has well over 130 branches nationwide and this type program is right up there alley as it relates to supporting baseball field improvements in the community.  I consider myself very fortunate to work for a great company that supports these type of programs.


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