Puerto Rico in San Juan for WBC

Dscn1053_1 Lets get it started!  First day of practice in San Juan for team Puerto Rico and Panama went off without a hitch.  Some threatening clouds but no rain. 

It was decided at the last minute to make Puerto Rico’s batting practice open to the public and media.Dscn1052   What a nice gesture by the promoter and  MLB.  About 3000 people turned out to watch there home town heroes get ready for Game one tomorrow night. The people attending the game was mostly composed of young families with young children. It was fun to see. Dscn1050_1

Ivan Dejesus,  First base coach for PR,  was the first guy out to to walk across the field.  He was very impressed with the conditions and all of the improvements that were made by city staff and our guys.. Chad, Joe, Josh, Daniel and Darrell. We have a couple more small things to complete before game time but they are minor. 

Big day tomorrow with Cuba and Netherlands practicing before the opener.  Its going to be fun!Dscn1043

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