World Baseball Classic …Thanks!

We played the first 2 rounds of the World Baseball Classic in San Juan and the reason it was a flawless operation was because of a great staff and groundscrew.   We had several tarp pulls that averaged Wbc_groundscrew_repaired under 1:30 seconds and all of the teams left with no field type injuries.  Thanks to the crew for all of your help.  A special thanks to Chad, Joe, Josh, Darrell, Dan, Dennis and Mike for keeping the field at 100% through out the entire event.

On the game….we sent the best clubs to the semis.  The final Puerto Rico vs. Cuba Game was tremendous. PR had chances to win throughout the game.  The competition was fierce.  Watching Cuba play in numerous international events over the years has been fun and you can never count them out until the final pitch.  They are one of the toughest teams to beat that I have ever seen when it comes down the wire.

Wbc_castro Several years ago when I was in Havana preparing the Latino Americana Stadium for the Orioles vs. Cuba game,  I met a guy by the name of Antonio Castro Sota del Valle.  During the WBC I met him again.  He is the Doctor of the Cuba team and also Fidel Castro’s son. I guess his dad gave him an ultimatum.  Either you join the army or become a doctor….He chose the latter. Probably a good choice!  It was good seeing him again after so many years.

If you didn’t catch any of the games in San Juan you missed a great tournament.  Friends that have attended All star games, world series, Daytona 500, even Superbowl events in the states totally agreed that the crowds at these games… even though they were half the size…made more noise than they have ever heard at a sporting event.

It was a fun event and everyone in PR is already talking about WBC 2009!!  I am sure San Juan has a good chance of hosting it again!


Thank you guys for your dedication and making the WBC possible. Petco park looks fantastic! I was there for the Cuba vs. DR game and I am also goint to the final tonight…can’t wait!

Great stuff, Murray — thanks for continued blogging. You’re one of the original MLBloggers and going strong. The Classic was great, certainly the fields looked in mint condition. I was also interested in how those white designs were made on the infield at the Petco games.


Mark – The designs on the field at Petco were made from calcined clay. Its the light colored material you see on the mound and plate areas on many parks. By using a stencil you can spread a very light layer no more than a 1/16th of an inch and obtain the pattern! Luke Yoder the head groundskeeper does a great job with that field.

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