MLBLOGS Happy 1st Birthday!

Cakebirthday Its hard to believe its been a year since Mark Newman and folks at the family asked me to take part in this blog to talk about baseball fields grass or whatever! (Enjoy the cake)

Congratulation on your anniversary of the MLBLOG  blogosphere machine!  I remember we started with about 30 or so bloggers.   It has been fun… which is exactly why I Blog!

Obviously, I would like to blog more.  I have averaged about 1 per week…and considering I travel quite a bit to places that still do not have Internet…that’s not to bad. 

I really want to thank all the readers of the MLBLOG community for your feedback on this blog.  What I have found is that I receive many more emails than actual comments on the blog which is cool. From people asking about how to fertilize there lawn to the little league baseball coach wondering what to do with his field. I bet I have received a couple hundred emails about field related issues.  I enjoy the questions and always answer back…as soon as I can. 

Trying to cover all  of the high points of the MLBlogs first year would be a tough one because there have been so many.  Obviously the World Baseball Classic made for a lot of BLOG  action and excitement. Bob Dupuy’s Classic Chronicles was awesome. The World Cup in Holland last fall was also exciting for many international readers. Had a lot of fun deciphering a couple letters from other countries.

Usabaseball0306 Another great project that we have been busy working on (that I haven’t had time to blog about) is USA Baseball’s Olympic Training Center in Cary, NC.  We started the project about 3 years ago. A $10 million dollar facility that is located in the heart of the Research Triangle…it will open in spring 2007. Between the Town of Cary, the County and the USA baseball staff, we have really made this facility something special not only for the premier athletes but the residents of Cary as well. More to come on this exciting project in the very near future. 

Looking forward to another fun year of blogging…With Beijing 2008 planning, The USA Baseball Facility and the Olympic Qualifier in Havanna, Cuba this year it is already a pretty busy year. 

Happy Birthday MLBLOGS!

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