One of my peers told me I should do something like this for the Anniversary…and he gave me some ideas…thanks Jim!

10.  Something to do when you are not working.  (Beats Manual labor)

9.   Its easier than hand raking the field .Cubaedgingpicture_1

8.  Receiving questions in other lanuguges  even though I have know idea  what they may be asking.  Such as….( ???????????????? beijing ???????????????????????
?? HU ??)   HELP!!!


7.   Being a blogger is kind of like being a groundskeeper.  Consistent mainteance of your blog is important for it to grow and develop!

6.  You  get a great tan as a groundskeeper while blogging…where else can you work outside all summer.Tiawan_photos_7

5.   Its a chance to blog about other stuff in life besides baseball fields.       "Best Field Security"

4.  You get some real fun questions… "What kind of paint do you use to put those stripes in the field?"  Is it a latex?

3.  See #9 again…Its easier than raking the grass in your yard too!

2. has great company benefits!   (HA )

drum roll…….

1.  Helping others improve there baseball fields through this blog is really the best part.  Its personally gratifying to give some advise that makes a difference to those that ask.  P1290232_51   

Keep blogging and happy birthday MLBLOGGERS!


Belated but these and the previous birthday post were awesome, by the way. Glad you’re part of the MLBlogs community!


That Japaneese question says “Our from here our mark territory resident in ? ?true demand? Help resident in Beijing Direction. Repair territory happiness ?? Ryo? Darkness. Receiving ? one note ? sending going our
Appreciation HU Teacher” Thats all the computer would translate for me.

That’s a lot to get out of alot of squares, Chad. That’s all I saw on the post, (except forBeijing and HU).


I went to “Whatever They’re Calling It This Year” Park in San Francisco for the first time recently. By and large a beautiful place. But the grass did not have the stripes and that made it look flat. Almost is if the green had been painted on. Rather disappointing.



It’s my understanding that the giants ownership prefers “no strips” . This is tough to do because all the grass is mowed in the same direction causing the consistent green. Each time they mow a pass with his 70 inch wide mower they need to ride all the way back around on the warning track and mow another pass until it is finished.. its there “signature” and you noticed it!!


I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost ipmoisslbe.


thanks for the translation!!

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