Fun Ballpark and Field Signs

Keep_off_the_grassTraveling to hundreds of stadiums and fields around the world I have had the privilege of seeing some pretty interesting signage.  Here are a few of my favorites. 

Feel free to blog your own. 

1763100r20103a1This one is in front of a "dugout" at the Olympics in Athens.   

Then there are the Rules and regulations signs that all parks have. I found the one below at the 100,000 seat MCC in Australia to be quite interesting.Melbourne_sign_3  TRIVIA: Where was the largest single baseball game attendance ever recorded? Not the USA!  ANSWER: Melbourne Australia at the 1956 Olympics..Aussies vs.USA team in an exhibition match..103,000 people! (In this stadium)


This one basically tells you in China to "keep the scenic area clean."   Getting  the Olympic signs  ready for the baseball stadium in Beijing should be fun!   

One stadium sign I have seen in all the newer stadiums around the U.S. that draws attention is the "Umpires Room" sign… just below the sign it’s also written in Braille. 

Check it out:…/2006/02/02/dip.DTL&o=5


Hi Murray,

Thanks for taking the time to to posts some blogs about your adventures. That’s some interesting signage.

Are you involved in building the new stadiums for the Olympics in Beijing?

I’m surprised MLB hasn’t done more to enter the Chinese market. You’d think that with 1.3 billion people they’d be falling over themselves to enter that market.


Thanks for the kind comments…Actually I will be involved with the new stadium in Beijing. You are also accurate in your scouting concept about the country. MLB is actually pursuing several interests in the Asian community of china. Even the Padres are setting up shop in the country. It will not be long before you hear a lot more about it.

You’re the best, wonderful blog… really enjoy it and added into my social bookmarks. Keep up the good work

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