After a huge rain storm it turned out to be a great night for USA

Baseball… Yes.. we are going to the 2008 Olympics!!  With Cuba beating  Mexico tonight it locked both Cuba and USA into the 8 team bracket for 08.    Photo above is Paul Seiler, Executive Director of USA Baseball Congratulating team USA after the final out of the game.. 

Probably the hardest rain since Hurricane Ernesto came down on Nelson Fernandez field causing a 3 hour rain delay. Johnny_b_in_cuba  The crew dumped 40 bags of drying amendments on the field which really made it work. Then hand raked the field several times. Great job crew!

Chad Olsen, STS Project Director, headed up the local ground crew to get the game started.   After Canada completed there win over Dominican, the USA /Panama game didn?t start until  9:00pm making for a long but rewarding night.

(John from MLB covers the story from the pressbox at Nelson Fernandez)

USA- Cuba will still compete at Latino Americano Tuesday to determine who gets the crown of this tournament ….whether it be USA or Cuba, both have already earned the real goal and that was to win a spot in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.


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Anyone who thinks they are going to Beijing to have Sporting fun ! when their government is murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people for having some kind of faith (and slaughtering thousands of Dogs) needs a wake up call and a check-up from the neck-up. Boycotting Beijing is the only sane thing to do ! Why go to a country that makes **** germany look like a tea party ?

Anyone that goes is saying, MURDERING innocent people is just fine !

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