Wukesong_olympic_baseball_center Preparing Beijing?s Wukesong Cultural Sports Center for the 2008 Olympics has started and we have ways to go.  Meeting with the local representatives and touring the site with Walter Liu and Susan Xhang this week was exciting.  The building on the site is the Olympic Basketball Venue.  It?s hard to believe the next summer Olympics is only a couple years away.  The test event will be next August.  It?s really nice to know that team USA has already qualified for this one!  Lots to do Selection of turf grass infield clays, warning track material etc is going to be a little more difficult than Athens.  I am hoping we can find all of the materials on Mainland China. Wukesong_sign 

The Beijing Institute of technology will be helping us out as well with soil tests and turf selections.  Looks like we may be heading for a zoysia baseball field.  It appears they have some different varieties that look a lot like our Bermuda turfs here in China.

The winters in Beijing are so cold, most of the Bermudas get zapped and will not come back.  Bluegrasses work well but the summers are so hot and humid the disease issue becomes a concern.

Wukesong_competition_field_one It?s been a busy fall and not much time to blog?Heading to Japan next week for the MLB All star Tour.  At least this time I will not have to leave my family in the campgrounds like 2004.  It was a last minute call from MLB to get some help with the mounds and plates that interrupted some family time. 

Still paying for that one. 

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