2006 MLB ALLSTAR SERIES almost ready

Field Maintenance for the  2006 Japan All-Star Tour has already been an easier operation and we just started!  In 2004 we had to fly out on a last minutes notice to remedy some soft mound work at a few of the stadiums for the 2004 All star tour. This year?s event is shaping up to be a much smoother operation on the field management side of business.Dscn0481_2  

Groundskeeping in the Tokyo dome is always an exciting venue to work in.  The ground crew is very efficient, helpful and enjoys the sharing of field management techniques.  On this trip we are actually bringing a ?tool care package? for each stadium composed of the newer type rakes, drags, screens and measuring tools. We are going to give a set to each venue we visit.  Exchanging gifts in this country is a very important aspect to communication.  Even if its tools!

You may ask what is so different about a rake, well in our business we use 4 to 5 different types of rakes for maintenance on any given day depending on the condition of the field.  Check back on the blog as I?ll post something about each field and venue. 

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