The Tokyo Dome aka: The Egg

Dscn1907 The first game of the Japan All-Star Series ends in a 7-7 tie and the new mounds held up beautifully thanks to a great group of Tokyo Dome groundskeepers. Made up of a couple guys Masato and Kichiri who have been with the Egg for many years, the rest of the crew are youngsters…that work like seasoned pros! 

MLB and Japan?s baseball history goes back over 100 years. The All-Star program dates the series back to 1931.  Ty Cobb even came over here to show his baseball abilities many years ago.  Playing in the Tokyo Dome better know as the ?egg? is very unique in itself. The venue holds many events each year including NFL football games, concerts and monster truck shows. The Yomuri Giants call the egg there home field.  Interesting facts about the baseball facility include. Japan_batting  Bullpens under the stadium.  The pitchers actually watch the game on monitors inside the bullpen area.  There is no warning track area around the entire field. The mound is retractable. Batting 

Japanese teams have developed a very efficient way to increase the amount of Batting practice time.  They use 2 batting cages at the same time. Two pitchers etc… It is well choreographed. Many of the MLB coaches mentioned the various stations and training areas throughout the day.  Every player is involved in some activity throughout the entire session.  No rest.  One coach stated it perfectly…"even with all the gadgets and workout stations that are used, its still a simple game." 

Three more games here then off to Osaka and fukuoka.  Erik Frey one of our PD’s is in Fukuoka assisting the next group with field preps.   

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