Osaka_main_mound Building a MLB/NPB ( Nippon Professional Baseball) level mound in Osaka has been tough but I have to take my hat off to the crew at Osaka stadium. They brought out the big equipment at the last minute and had a few guys that are considered top Japanese Zen gardeners.  They could swing a mean rake that’s all I can say!  I knew they meant business when they donned the hard hats.  We just finished the mounds an they turned out great considering all of the different materials, crews etc…That was a big sigh you just heard!

Dome_roof_osaka The Osaka dome is pretty cool…45,000+ seating,  100 meters to the left and right field fence an 396 feet to center.  ( still not big enough for Mr Howards blasts!! The one he hit the other night in the tokyo dome was well over 470 feet as the ball hit the bottom of the video board)

A big video board in Osaka sports the news and scoreboard alternating both boards on the same jumbotron. The ceiling reminds me of a spaceship.  Almost a "close encounters" feel to the stadium.  Looking forward to the next two games. Osaka_clay_bricks   We had to lay out the clay bricks to get them to dry a little before installing…after wards we put blowers on them and they were ready to install. It has been quiet the process! 

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I like your blog -it’s very interesting. I have learned quite a bit. I watch baseball all the time, but don’t think much about the fields – except how lovely they are. Keep writing!

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