Top Ten Japan ALL STAR Tour Highlights


TOP 10  : 43000 Opening night in the Tokyo Dome! 


9. FIRST Mound (I have ever seen) constructed from volcanic ash (actually harder clay was installed under the surface coat of ash because it would not harden like clay.. but the top coat was electrifying. (bet the clubbies didn?t like it)

8. My interpreter Akihera?could not have made it without him. Akhiera_and_izricoa

7. Working inside the domes?no rain or in climate weather

6. Providing a gift of new field maintenance tools to each stadium?s ground crew!  They loved the metal bottom tamps

5. Live hitting out of two batting cages simultaneously!



4. MLB All stars going 6-0? first time in like ever!!!



3. Comparing the MLB all star dugout to the Japan all star dugout cleanliness immediately after the game. They kicked or but in this area!


2.  The organization an overall tidiness of the Japanese ground crews was extremely impressive.

NUMBER 1   Making some life long friends.



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