Santa_ball_1 Twas the night before Christmas when all through the park

Not a mower was running because it was dark

The turf was covered with a big green clothe

And I hope Saint Nick would not pull it off.

I had just locked the stadium for a short winters nap

Snapped up my jacket and pulled down my cap

When all of a sudden there came such a clatter

It wasn?t the reindeer but the sound of a batter.

How could that be on Christmas Eve?

It was way to late…I just wanted to leave.

When I looked over the field to my eyes would appear

Some kids riding around on my favorite John Deere.

At first I was mad then I watched them play

When I was a kid I played the same way.

They spoke not a word as they saw me at work

I heard one say ?He?s not such a jerk?.

They parked the tractor back under the cover

And gave me a nod like I was there brother.

No damage done, thank goodness for that

It was just kids, being kids not being brats.


Tis the time to reflect on the past year?s events and the growth of baseball worldwide. What a year for baseball internationally!  Kind of glad things are slowing down a bit. 2006 will always be remembered as the "Inaugural Year of the World Baseball Classic." Dscn1044 The future of this event looks as bright as the North Star on Christmas Eve. In addition to this event we opened and improved academies in China, Italy, Australia and Opened MLBs First Baseball Academy in Compton, CA. baseball. 

In the summer we had the Pre-Olympic Qualifying tournament in Havana, Cuba. Team USA not only clinched the Olympic tournament but also defeated Cuba in a final game in front of 50000 people. At the start of November, the MLB All stars that toured Japan swept the Japan All-stars for the first time ever. 

Next year looks even busier with the international game development with plans for exhibition games and academies world wide.

On a personal note I would like to thank readers of this Blog for all of the emails and words of wisdom regarding field developments, grounds keeping questions etc.  I enjoy helping develop this game through what I have learned over the years and have had fun sharing those experiences with each of you . 


The year was a good one a long one in deed

Nary a mole cricket and hardly a weed.

We had our problems with events and shows

But the field was prepared before anyone would know

The field needs new turf, the groundsman would say

But the GM would respond, Absolutely No Way

The cost is too high and the owner has made cuts

We should be thankful for our jobs that it wasn’t one of us

It takes hard work to grow the grass green

Sometimes we are asked ?do you use a paint machine??

No never, not here, you will tell the man

But that would be a lie to one of your "field" fans.

Be true an honest at whatever you do

Because someone is watching and you never know who

From the holiday season and throughout the New Year

We couldn?t make it without Marks Blogosphere

Now Newman, Now Sanchez, Now Platt and Bloom

Keep off the grass the groundskeeper will fume.

As the New Year starts up spring training begins

Before you know it, baseballs back again.

This season in Europe I will look for a sign

Baseball is coming?Right after tea time.

?As I heard him explain as he flew through the fog

Merry Christmas to everyone on the MLB BLOG!?

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Great story, Murray! Will make sure everyone gets to see it. Happy Holidays to you — I know green is your color, and enjoy the red, too.



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