How to build an Ice Rink on a Baseball field!

Dscf0339_1 Having an ice rink on your baseball field is something you probably don’t get a chance to do very often, but in minor league parks around the northeast, you create ways to generate revenue. This one actually worked pretty well and is open to the public every weekend     In Lancaster, Pa. home of the barnstormers , they have tried a couple "unique" winter promotions.  .  Last year they had the snow festival where we actually built areas through the stadium for snow tubing.  Obviously the post event mess causes our groundskeeper Josh Viet to grumble a bit, but its part of the business in the baseball industryDscf0337

All in All, the ice rink was a hit in the area.  Opened on weekends and through the holidays it created quite a stir in the community.  The field is sloped on the infield so the floor area had to be leveled.  25 tons of sand was brought it to ensure the water froze evenly.  The zamboni that cleans and shapes the ice has a path to the floor from under the stadium.  We budgeted a sod install as part of our spring renovations of the infield but really it wasn’t that bad.  This is the last weekend before the ice comes out but next year they might even consider a hockey season.  Players can actually do wind sprints from home to first skates! Talking about a workout.

How about that?  Baseball field to Ice rink?  You gotta love it! 

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