2008 Olympic Baseball Stadium taking shape

Dscf0396 The steel structure is in place for the Olympic Baseball stadium here in  China. The Wukesong Cultural district is responsible for building the two stadiums and the practice field.  Meetings regarding the design and construction of the venue are ongoing.  It?s clear they want the facilities to be the best they can be.  Finding local materials for the clays and grass warning track will be interesting….Also things like batting tunnels and batting cages. 

It?s also a big week here for the International baseball federation (IBAF).  Voting takes place Friday to replace Aldo Notari past president of the federations passed away this past summer due to illness.  Those who knew Aldo realize they are big shoes to fill and who ever is chosen will need to hit the road running.  Preparations are being made for numerous international tournaments around the world that link to the Olympics in Beijing 2008.  Early in 2009 there will be another vote to determine if baseball can get back into the Olympics for 2016.   That?s not that far away in the distant baseball future.  There will probably be competition for the 2 spots vacated by soft and baseball.  It?s known that some within the IOC hope to put golf and rugby in the empty slots left open when they hacked baseball last spring.Dscf0393   Hopefully that will not happen! 

Over the next 20 months we have some world politicking to do so we will have to see. The design and construction team are pictured at left.

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