Manually Calibrated Pesticide Application System


BEIJING:  Well its almost totally manual!  After touring some of the local athletic venues choosing products and equipment to build the new baseball fields for the Olympics, we stopped by the Fentai Softball complex because our Chinese contractor Chai Yong, told me they had a boom spray rig for applying fungicides and liquid products.  Lets just say I was not ready for this beauty when they literally rolled it out for our inspection!  The coolest thing about it? is that it actually works and the sports field contractor is pretty proud of it. 

He told me it?s a pain when the tires go flat and the tank is full.  Definitely a low maintenance piece of machinery!  I wondered if he chose what to apply by who was the fastest or slowest driver…As you can see in the photo, Chai chuckled when I asked him which one he was .


Those of you who do not understand this machine?a normal spray rig could cost you 10k to 30k depending on the bells and whistles. This one is priceless!     I can?t wait to see the mowers! 

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