Colombian Baseball League Develops Field/Stadium Improvement Plans

Dscf0619 Over the past several days I have been in the country of Colombia evaluating stadiums and fields for ?Team Renteria? accompanied with Moises Rodriguez MLB?s Manager International Baseball Ops.  Edinson Renteria and his brother (Edgar, Atlanta Braves shortstop)  are owners of a development league with 4 clubs in

Cartagena, Barranquilla, Monteria and Sincelejo.  Orlando Cabrera also owns one of the clubs. The Renterias  are working closely with MLB to improve the league in hopes of bringing more players to train during the winter ball season. But for now they just want to grow the game in there home country for the youth in the hopes of developing future stars.  Most MLB Clubs have scouts in Colombia and both Tampa Bay and the Houston Astros have training facilities in Cartagena. Dscf0613 

The stadiums have a typical old style seating bowl similar to other Caribbean

and South American ballparks and they are well used by the communities.  The people in each city greeted us with open minds and hearts. We discussed improvements to the stadiums and fields which will require various renovations before they are ready for professional players. The cities and governments are committed to making the improvements in order to develop the countries future baseball players.  Colombia has a rich history of baseball and MLB games are followed closely as you can watch many games on the local TV channels.  Obviously, Edgar Renteria and his brother are cherished by the country due to there successes in the baseball industry. 

Dscf0603 You hear a lot of negative comments about the country due to a past history of drug trafficking.  To tell you the truth, I felt safer there than in some areas around Baltimore or DC.  We drove from

(Photo of chalker for lines)

Cartagena to Monteria through the back roads and every 10 or 15 miles there was a check point.  Randomly people are pulled over and asked for paper work for travel by the local police.  The city of Cartagena has a beautiful ?old town? where tourists are abundant and the cost of items such as food etc?is extremely inexpensive.,,  (And by the way, the food was great.)  The country has its problems in the rural areas similar to the Dominican Republicand Puerto Rico. Dscf0590

Our next visit we will include a field maintenance training program for the groundskeepers around the country.  We will be taking down a few folks to help with the training days. Should be a lot of fun as the people are so eager to learn.

(mower to the left is used to mow the entire field…Noel is superman.  9 tanks of gas is used to mow the field)


Great piece Murray. Good to see what’s going on in the land of Simon Bolivar and (possibly) Luis Castro. One small correction though. The country is ColOmbia, not ColUmbia. Keep up the good work. Pete Bjarkman

nice article. i live in cartagena and work as a teacher in a local bilingual school, as well as coach the school’s baseball team comprised of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. i was just at the above-mentioned field taking some BP a couple days ago with some friends. the field looks in very good shape, and i look forward to taking in some games of the local league. the season opens today. there’s some good local talent down here. keep a lookout for some colombian players in the minor leagues over the next cew years.

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