First Olympic Pitching Mound Taking Shape

Dscf1127 After speaking with the Field Contractor and the Manager for the Beijing Tigers Baseball Club, both confirmed this was the first Professional Level Pitching Mound built in the China.  Building a mound can take a while if you don’t have the right tools and equipment.  We started building the mound base here in Beijing for the Olympics and I had asked for a variety of different tools for the task.  Initially they brought out a jumping jack..( a large whacker that has a small foot base that pulverizes anything in its way). Dscf1105_1  We are still waiting for mound clay donated to the Olympics by Gail Materials out of L.A. For now we are just roughing in the mounds until the packing material arrives.   

I explained again the need for a larger plate bottom and they brought the plate tamp over…the first electric one I have ever seen.  The process of running it took 5 people which probably wasn’t as efficient as most plate tamps but nonetheless …it works.

Dscf1101 Mizzuno has been chosen by BOCOG to provide bases, cages, screens etc..similar to Athens 2004.  In the past they had a homeplate that was basically a white slab of rubber that was placed into a steel tray. It didn’t have the standard black beveled edge.  This year they are introducing there new homeplate. 

I always have the guys sweep the clay around the mound back onto the grass.  You got a love this broom! Dscf1128 Again the way he used it worked just as good as any push type broom. 

Dscf1096 Hopefully we will obtain our reel mowers in time for the test event.  Meanwhile its push mower time… At least we have a lot of people to take turns pushing it.


Thanks again for another great episode!

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

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