Beijing Olympic Baseball Test Event Set to Start

Baseball_1_stadium_photo_6 Today is our final day of preparations before the " Good Luck Beijing" Olympic Test begins play this Saturday. Teams from China, France, Czech and Japan will be playing in the 5 day tournament which is being staged for training volunteers on all of the logistics in operating the venue, transportation hotels etc…

We had some pre event games this week to tryout some of the equipment as well as practice with the tarp, dragging the field etc.  Probably 35 of our 50 field of play volunteers have never been on a baseball field…or even really understand the game.  Current_situationThe greatest obstacle is the language barrier. 

Take a closer look at the photo here by clicking on it…leading caption says "Current Situation"  interesting view point for a score board.  Also notice the amount of construction in the background…construction here is unbelievable.  These fields sit on prime real estate which is another reason they are planned for demolition after the Olympic games.  Money talks!

As  mentioned before the equipment was made locally so it is not quite as simple to use as the items we have in the USA.  For example the hitting mats take a few guys to carry…about 10…but remember, labor is not a problem here.   Homeplate_mats_a_little_heavy  I think the might weigh about 400 pounds which was a bit clumsy to remove. A solution that Erik Frey came up with was to cut it into three pieces.  At least then we would be loosing any volunteers. Hopefully the rain gods will be nice to us.  Its pretty humid here at 98%,  plus the smog and the average daily temps of 94 degrees but the enthusiasm of the volunteers about being a part of this event is infectious so most of the time I hardly notice it.  Hardly.   Tarp_practice

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