Nationals Baseball Field starts Construction

Dscf1681 The Washington Nationals new field started installation yesterday with sod scheduled to be on the ground by November.  Larry Divito Head groundskeeper is pretty excited to be moving into the new stadium. With only a hand full of home games left through November he will be able to be on site during most of the construction.  The field will be composed of a gravel base capped with 10 inches of rootzone material and covered with a bluegrass sod.  Standing is Larry Divito and Chad Price the Field contractor from Carolina Green responsible for constructing the field.   Notice the press box ( highest part behind homeplate)

Since the field is basically sitting on the river banks of the Anacostia river there was legitimate concern that groundwater could infiltrate into the growing Dscf1678 medium so a plastic non-permeable membrane was installed to cap the field in order to control any type of groundwater from damaging the grass roots.  Its like a big bath tub!  HOK architect Brain Smith has been working on this project and we’ve been hired on as the consultant to assist where we can during the design and construction. 

Being in a few of these projects this time of the construction is pretty cool as you can really start to see how the ballpark will play. 

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If Carolina Green is involved in this project, it is bound to be a home run. This company’s reputation in this “field” is major league.

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