Hurricane Felix pounds Nicaragua

Marasay_volcano_and_lagoon Managua/Chinandega –  After starting our Winter League Stadium evaluations yesterday in Nicaragua (thinking the Hurricane would swing north and head up the Atlantic coast) , Moises Rodriguez and I knew something might change our schedule. Enter Hurricane Felix who had his own agenda and decided to see Felix_hurricane_9407_smallmore of the country than the weather man had predicted. We quickly agreed to change our schedule and head south towards Managua.  For the most part we are only "supposed" to endure heavy rains and thunder storms here in Managua tonight.  My prayers and thoughts go out to the people on the northeast side of the country where Felix hit this morning with Category 5 strength. The storm literally covers the entire countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The NOAA image provides a good idea of its current size.  Reports are bleak and in Caribbean countries the media have a little more flexibility so the photos on TV are a bit more graphic.   All airports are closed and the countries military is preparing for the worst as the storm slowly passes.  Felix isManagua_stadium stalling over the central part of the country which means flooding is probable.  We were told 10 to 15 inches of rain but I think it will be less here on the pacific side…and hope. Living in Florida for many years we always were preparing for hurricanes. I remember after Andrew in 1992 everyone took the storms much more seriously. 

Nicaragua is the largest country in the Caribbean. Lake Nicaragua, a HUGE body of water in the center, is home to the only fresh water sharks in the world.  The lake is the second largest in central America.  In addition to seeing active volcano’s in the region its a very beautiful and vibrant country.

The volcanic rock provides more uses in this country than you think. They use lava ash as a infield material which proves to be a very interesting surface.  I remember the guys in Japan ( Fukuoka dome) used volcanic rock on the mounds, Chinedaga_certificatesbut here its the entire infield.  Very fine materials with a black color. 

As for the stadium evaluations we were able to complete Marasay stadium yesterday then head north (towards the storm) to Chinendaga where we reviewed both Leon and the Tigres ( Chinendagas home team) , The Mayor came out and gave Moises Rodriguez and I a certificate for coming to the city. They are excited about there Winter League Club and are putting in new Musco Lights. The two hour ride turned out to be a little longer due to traffic.  Chinendaga had an interesting looking pitchers Lakenicaraguaometepeislemound..kind of reminded me of a VOLCANO!!Volcano_mound  The photos below show the Volcano in the middle of Lake Nicaragua and the mound in Chinendaga. Pitchers must love it here!

Marasay better known as Roberto Clemente Stadium has a beautiful setting.  Roberto managed here and shortly after the 1972 earthquake he attempted to return to Nicaragua with medical supplies but died in his pursuit to help the people.  In his honor they erected a statue and plaque and Roberto_clemnte_sign named the (new stadium at the time) after him.  The Nicaraguans have a great respect for him and the game of baseball which is their number one sport.   

On a side note: I think there are quite a few Yankee fans here.  ESPN2 has the Seattle  Yankees game on TV.. every time something happens I hear a roar in Roberto_clemnte_stadium the background..or that could be thunder.  Anyway thanks to those who called or sent notes asking how Moises and I are doing… 


Terrific blog reporting, Murray! This is such a unique perspective and it’s cool to have it here on MLBlogs. I also hope for the best to those affected, and great volcano shot.


This is cysrtal clear. Thanks for taking the time!

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