Italy Out, Great Britain still in the Olympic Qualifer being held in Barcelona

Mont_juc We have been working the fields in Spain for the 2007 Olympic Qualifier and as the 12 team tournament winds down there are some new faces in the final 6 teams competing for the Gold Medal.  Great Britain just finished off Sweden to ensure at least a 4th place spot.  Still need to play the Netherlands who have clearly dominated other teams..but as everyone knows this game can go either way.

Fields are holding up well.  Chad Olsen and Joe Skrabek have been working with the groundskeepers in Mont Juc and Viladecans to make sure the fields are playing safely.  So far so good…  Netherlands, Germany and Sweden in Group A and Great Britain, Spain and France in Group B.

Some of cool equipment to use here includes some old school reel mowersDscf1738. Appeared to be a Ransome type mower but cuts pretty good.  Only 3 more days an we will have 4 teams qualified for the 2008 Olympics.  USA, CUBA, CHINA are already in. 

Here is the link for the tournament.

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