Colombia Hosts Mantenimiento del Campo Clinic

Darrell_building_mound The Renteria’s (Edinson and Edgar) are hosting a Field Maintenance Clinic at there stadium in Barranquilla, Colombia this week. Looks like we have about 25 to 30 people attending. It’s a 5 day field maintenance clinic that will not only improve the field for the Winter League (which starts Oct 23rd) but it will also improve the other playing fields in the league as well.  Each team in the league sent there groundskeepers to the site to learn new skills and tryout TORO equipment for the first time.  The coolest part is that we learned a few things from the Colombian turf managers as well. Barrnaquillia_clinic  They had a very unique home plate tamp.  Can you tell which tamp in the photo is used for home plate tamping and which is for the mound? They also showed us a version of their explanadoras (drag mat) and how they use the apisonador Tools_of_the_trade (tamp).   One of the items I was most intrigued about was there version of clay which they call Arcilla – granulada.  The material was similar to our clay but was a bit more sandy and a yellow color.   The field in Barranquilla showed positive improvements since my last visit here a few months ago.  Additional grass has been planted and a local clay has been found that is firmer than the previous material.  Still a ways to go, but definitely some positive improvements. 

Colombia is a baseball country and the crews take a lot of pride in their work.  The fact that the league is investing in there fields is a Major step in the Caribbean leagues.  Having visited all of the stadiums in each Caribbean league city, I can tell you this field clinic will not be the last.  I am sure with the success of this event… there will be more to come in the future.  How about that TORO seat!


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