Laying Sod in Taipei

Sodding_fieldIn preparations of the 2007 World Cup we have to resod the field at Tein Mou Stadium in Taipei. Brickman’s Chad Olsen and Jeff Nancarrow are overseeing the renovations.  They arrived last week the day after Typhoon Sepat came through the area causing some damage to the stadium ( more flooding than anything)  but overall everything is OK.  Part of the challenge in any country is obtaining the Typhoon_sepatproper grass for the field. Normally we obtain big roll sod and here we were delivered sod squares..basically thrown on the truck.   We had hoped to use 419 Bermuda but the contractor had already purchased Matrella Zoysia turf.  Not really the best grass for baseball play but we will make it work for this tournament. Taiwan_sod_truck Since this a tropical type climate the root structure should stabilize quickly.  While upgrading the turf we are also rebuilding all of the mounds and plates, infield etc.  This is the championship field for the World Cup so everyone is working to make sure it is in the best playing condition as possible.  After laying the sod we topdress the seams with a sand.  All the seams are being covered by hand therefore it is quite labor intensive to say the least.  The black sand material Topdressingis pretty common in Taiwan and makes a good growing medium.  Needless to say we are going to be glad when the Typhoon and Hurricane seasons are over because lately it feels like they are following us.


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