2007 World Cup in Taiwan-Final Preps

Chad_on_mower Over the past few weeks we have been preparing the Baseball fields in Taiwan for the 2007 World Cup.  Teinmu and Hsinsuan Stadium in Taipei are really coming along nicely as the mounds and plates have been rebuilt to MLB standards and the turf has taken a turn for the better.  With the tournament beginning November 6th its not a moment to soon.  Chad Kropff has been busy in Hsinsuan and Jeff Nancarrow has been growing in an entire new field over the past month at Teinmu. 

Setting_bricks About 4 hours south, Joe Skrabak in Taichung Stadium and Erik Frey at Back_lapping_tiulouIntercontinental stadium  are preparing the fields for the Group A of the 12 team tournament.  Tracy Schneweis is in Touliou stadium outside of Taichung city where they have started to play friendly games.  Its shaping up to be a good Spreading_fert_at_tienmu_jpg tournament with some great improvements of the playing conditions.  Improvising to make things work is the name of the game in countries with limited resources.  As you can see from the equipment it is old and obviously fertilizing from the back of a cart is probably not the most accurate way to apply products but it works.  Taiwan is farther along than many but even in the turf management business they are a bit behind our western partners.  Washing_lips_2                     Overhead

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Your reports are excellent and very informative. I thoroughly enjoy the reports. Thanks!

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