Nats get Grass!!!

Nationals_field_sod_job_1_1 Like a proud father, Larry Divitto Head groundskeeper for the Nationals and his assistant John are smiling ear to ear as the emerald green Bluegrass turf begins to roll out over the field.  Sod day is a BIG day and it really gets people excited about the field because you know things are close to being completed.  Its like putting paint on your new house!  Chad Price at Carolina Green and his crew are doing a fabulous job considering the extremely fast paceNationals_field_larry_and_john_1 of the project.  The due date for sod was November 1st and guess what…the baby came a little early.   There is approximately 100,000 square feet of sod being laid on the field over the the next few days.  The big rolls will provide excellent stability.  Having the sod down before winter like RFK will allow for a much more successful root structure. Nationals_field_1_

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