Almost Ready in Taiwan for World Cup

Logo_painting It’s hard to believe that less than a month ago we were looking at Teinmu field in Taipei wondering what happened to the grass.  We were performing our typical inspections on the fields and was somewhat caught by surprise that the local ownership had stripped the field.  After that shocker they pushed the zoysia grass on us, as it is supposedly the best grass for the area and for there regular league seasons that play into the winter.  Well …Jeff Nancarrow and his Taiwan ground crew team came through and not a day to early. Actually we have a few touch ups tomorrow but its going to be fine.  The evening temps dip just into the low 60’s so the zoysia isn’t really growing this time of year, but the roots of the turf are well Shinsuan_chad_tracy established.  Its going to start looking rough as we get to the end of the tournament but we will keep pounding it with fertlizer and rye grass. At this stage that’s about all you can do.   Thanks to Chad Kropff and Tracy Schnewies for helping us out on this one. They begin there 26 hour trek back to Virginia tonight after renovating the fields in Hsinsuan and TioLiou.  Teams have been very pleased with the field conditions during early workouts.  A Pre World Cup practice game was held in Tioliou  stadium 2 days ago in Taichung between Tienmu Australia and Taiwan drew a crowd of 12000+.  The Taiwanese love there baseball..especially there home team.  They will pack the park to watch the national team play and the noise that comes from the stands is nothing like you have ever heard. 

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