Praying for Peace and a Safe Tournament

Prayers_for_no_rain After 2 days the steady rain never subsided for the 2007 World Cup opener in Taiwan and unfortunately it ended up being a wash out …but it wasn’t without special offerings to the heavens and a gallant effort of the ground crew. Our turf crew is made up of a group of students from a local high school.  Its the same with all of the sites where we are playing. Prior to the game the Taiwanese burn paper money in a wire screen behind homeplate that is meant to be for family members that have passed away and also for good luck. In another offering behind homeplate the stadium staff burnt incense below a table of food for God.  Its a standard practice as the Taiwanese are quite religious and have a wonderfulFood_for_god  attitude about life and being thankful for what they have. These symbolic gestures were nice to see on a dreary rainy evening.  (Didn’t know God liked Coca Cola)

Even though the game was rained out we were able to spend sometime sitting in the dugout and chatting about life issues, sharing stories about baseball , etc…  Hopefully tomorrow we will have a chance to at least start a game at Teinmu before the rains hit again.  The Typhoon off the coast is Schiller_opening causing problems that know one could predict. Eight teams were present for the mini opening ceremonies as well as President Schiller (far right) .  The event was shortened due to the rain. The event team had planned an elaborate dance and musical.  There was even a sold out crowd but mother nature had other plans.  Off to Taichung tomorrow.


Murray – Check out our coverage on Pete Bjarkman

I love your photos. Not just on this entry, but all of ’em. It’s great to see different fields and stadiums…and to see all the behind-the-scenes work you do.

-The Baseball Collector

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