Happy Thanksgiving!

Beijing_olympic_team We have a lot to be thankful for.  The way a lot of people see it, Being born in America is like winning life’s lottery.  Thanksgiving is pretty much an American Holiday and it represents who we are as a people.  Other countries have similar holidays but theirs are not tied to the establishment of a colony.  The history of the Pilgrims of 1619 set the stage for the annual 1-day event… Basically giving thanks to God for the Fall harvest.  Its all about the crops. I guess Pilgrims were groundskeepers too. 

Having traveled the globe a few times I can honestly say we are very fortunate to live in this land and this era.  In these travels, I have found that giving thanks is the first gesture of becoming a friend.  One of the first words I learn in a new country is how to say thank you.  Think about it….  Xei hshe (Chinese), Gracious (Spanish), Dank u (dutch) , Aragatiu (Japanese), Efharisto (Greek)….everyone has heard these words.  Being thankful for family and especially there understanding of how much you travel is high on my list probably the same for most groundskeepers as they spend the entire season at the park. 

I enjoy posting these notes, photos etc…and more importantly giving those who represent our industry around the world the credit they deserve. Having a great crew and staff to host all of the international and local events we manage for MLB, IBAF, USA, Olympics etc.. is something I am thankful for everyday.  Especially, Marti Flynn who is the glue to our entire team.  Thanks Marti!   

Going back to my son’s Scout days I remember a song we did.  Thought it be fitting for the day.

I am thankful to be an American,
To live in the greatest land of all.
In a nation blessed, it’s the very best,
I can stand with my head up tall.

I am thankful to be an American,
To be born in a land that’s free.
I am thankful to God for allowing me to be,
An American.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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