Nationals Stadium Checkup

Bab_and_rich_survey_the_field With a few months left the National’s Field of Play is almost complete.  Just a few more touch ups and the sound of PLAY BALL will be here before you know it!  Obviously we need to wait until spring since currently the field has a couple inches of SNOW laying on it. MLB’s Bob Watson  VP Onfield Operations and Rich Reiker Umpire Supervisor were on hand during the field check up to begin setting some of the ground rules for the field.  The left and right outfield walls will create some fun plays for the ESPN highlight films.  Nationals112007a_1Similar to Houston they have a couple slanted walls and the right field will allow players to snag those home runs that just barely clear the wall.  Its going to be a fun park.  Its hard to believe that just last week they were mowing away in the outfield.  KInd of reminds me of my Beijing photos…one guy hand mowing the entire field.   Walk mowing new turf is a good idea as a larger mower will tear at the roots.  Just a little TLC before next spring. 

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