January 2008

International Baseball Baseball Federation Prepares for the Future

Dscf2565 Over the past few days the International BAseball Federation’s ( IBAF) steering committee met to discuss the future of the games worldwide. IBAF represents the worlds governing body as it relates to International development of the game of baseball. Every country has there own federation of sport. In order for a country to host a regulation international baseball event IBAF must sanction the program.  Most importantly IBAF is responsible for baseball in the Olympics an with a new President ( Dr. Harvey Schiller (USA) and general Secretary John Ostermeyer (AUS) at the helm there is new breeze blowing that will guide us back into the Olympics for 2016. 

It is amazing to meet with many of the people around the world that share a similar passion for baseball. At this steering committee meeting we had members from around the world present including Cuba, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Great Britain , Spain, Switzerland and Canada.  There are so many levels of baseball world wide and the growth of the game internationally in the past 5 years has grown rapidly.    The next IBAF tournament will be in Taiwan. It is a Pre Olympic Qaulifier where the top three teams get a free ticket to the Olympics in Beijing.  USA, Cuba, Netherlands, Japan and China have already qualified on the Olympic games. http://www.baseball.ch/ Usa_complex_photo

The 2007 Year will be a tough one to top as it relates to exciting Internationals  baseball tournaments.  The USA baseball complex in Cary Opened with great fanfare and the fields turned out great.  Hats off to Jimmy Walters and his crew at the Town of Cary !  Check out Team USA’s website for up todate info on plans for the team and all the GOLD they won in 2007!  It was an Impressive year.  http://mlb.mlb.com/usa_baseball/index.jsp