Spring Training Around the World

Rightfield_phto_sun_light Preparing for spring training is always exciting as you know baseball is just around the corner.  My hats off to the spring training operators and groundskeepers.  Its a tremendous amount of work in a very short time period.  The month of March will host a series of International  spring training games.  Beijing has a couple games, Taiwan has an Olympic qualifying tournament, Japan has an opener and Hermosillo (photo above) has a game.  Grant Trenbreath, Head Groundskeeper for the Diamondbacks along with his crew will be setting up the field in Hermosillo.  They have a bit of work to do in that old park as the last big league game played in the stadium was in 2003. Dscf1096_1Its still one of the best in Mexico’s W.L.

Arranging supplies and materials to be shipped over to Asia takes quite a bit of planning as you need to review all the tariffs and trade laws in both languages.  Taiwan and Japan are a little easier than china.  Thanks to some help from Tom Burns at Diamond Pro we will have some products in Beijing.  Hopefully Pennington comes through with the T-3 rye seed.  And Dave over at World class paints has put together our logos for all the events. 

Dscf2297 Since China just finished having the worst winter in 100 years we need to be prepared to paint the dormant Bermuda.  Not to many choices considering average temps in march in 50 degrees during he day and 35 at night.  Not quite typical "spring training" weather but it will work out.    FYI –the buildings to the left is where the 3rd field for the Olympics still needs to be built… 180 days until Olympic games. Stma_slideshowslides27 

Trivia time.. Name this spring training site. 

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West Palm Beach Municipal Stadium

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