DouLiou Stadium In Taiwan Olympic Tournament Shines

Douliou_stadium_mextpe_3808_updated Taichung – Since the World cup event in November of 2007, I have mentioned the Dou Liou stadium as being the best kept secret in all of the baseball world as it relates to Asian ballparks. Mexico and Taipei played in front of a packed house  to officially showcase the park for the 2008 Olympic Qualifier.  Taipei won 6-1. Now that both stadiums are up an running the tournament (which ends in 5 days) will soon settle the next Olympic teams to join USA, Japan, China and Cuba in Beijing.   Canada, Chinese Taipei and Korea have jumped out to a 2-0 Dscf2087_1 start.  Just thinking …if Chinese Taipei and Korea qualify for the Olympics during the tournament,  4 of the 8 teams competing in the 2008 Olympics will be from Asia.  Japan and China have already qualified.  That will set up some tremendous rivalries in the Olympics along with the most important value..showing the IOC that baseball is truly and international game. 

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