MLB Opener in Japan 2008

Tokyodomegames WOW!! The A’s and Red Sox split the two game series and the success  of the event has been pretty hard to put a figure on.  The stadium was packed for both games (44,700) and the Red Sox nation ruled the crowds. If you put all that aside the event meant a lot to growing baseball worldwide.  This is our 4th visit to manage The Big Egg for an exhibition game and (second opener). Actually 3rd… but the 2001 Opener between the cubs and A’s was postponed because we went to war with Iraq that spring.  Budge Clark actually came over to Tokyo for about 24 hours then they can can celled the event

Lots of thanks to a lot of guys (and gals)  making this event happen.  Chad Olsen Dscf2995 is up there pretty high (along with Ann his wife for putting up with him being gone so long…mine too)  The crew at the big egg was great as usual and the pre game ceremonies was also pretty awesome.  We ended up doing more work this year than in the past. I think it was due to the multiple events the dome Dscf2989 hosts..  Moshikito and Suzuki-son were the lead groundskeepers.  They led the crew with a great since of pride .  The tools they use to maintain the playing surface are very simple but at the same time very effective. next stop B’more!  Nationals opener this weekend should be fun! 

Cherryblossoms And by the way..all the huff about the Japanese Cherry Blossoms compared to the seasons in DC. Its all true.  They are spectacular everywhere you look in Tokyo.  This photo is across the street from the dome. Doublebp

The batting practice set up photo is very common with japan teams as they put two batting cages together.  Its pretty wild to watch. 

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