April 2008

Beijing Final Baseball Field Under Construction


With under 100 days before the 2008 Olympic Play starts on the baseball fields….. we still have a ways to go.  After building the first 2 fields in 2007 there were a lot of lessons learned and I am sure this field will turn out just fine. It will be sodded with Rivera Bermuda Grass about mid June giving us a month to have the field healthy enough to take on all the practice sessions that begin July 26th. 

standing on homeplate.JPGThe left field fence on this new field is a bit close to the buildings.  Probably about 15 meters.  Should be fun for hitters that bash the long ball. Not so fun for the folks in the building.   This photo provides insight that the intent of keeping these fields here after the Olympics is going to be a stretch as the commercial property is pretty hot in the city.   

I did get a chance to watch the USA Womens Bsketball team defeat N.Z.  in the new Olympic basketball arena.  It is NBA quality, from suites to mascots, to dancers.  The Basketball venue is located just beyond center field of the main stadium.  China LOVES basketball…when China plays. Tomorrow USA takes on the locals.  Should be a fun test match. 


Everyone can Celebrate Earth Day

charles county new field.JPGWe are all Groundskeepers of mother earth and there are a lot of things all can do to make our field and lawn maintenance a little more earth friendly. 

1.  Sharpen your mower blades regularly – This sounds crazy but by sharpening your mower blades on a regular basis you increase the life of your mower by helping it not work as hard to cut the grass thereby saving fuel and reducing emissions.  Just as important your grass will be healthier as a ragged cut tends to introduce turf problems.

2. Use Earth friendly fertilizers –   You see these products on the shelf at your local home depot such as milorganite or alfalfa meal. pro-gro, Bio magic 0-0-12 the list goes on.  There are specific bio friendly fertilizers that can work on any lawn in any country.

3. Today is a great day for us all in celebrating not only the work we do but helping to make our world a little better for the future.  There are a few synthetic turf stadiums out there but in some areas of the world they can’t grow grass so they are needed. 

4. Water Conservation – Water your lawn in the morning and not during the day as more water goes deeper into the ground instead of into the air during evaporation

5. New Mowers are being developed that use Bio fuel. In 2008 TORO and other vendors are   introducing the “BIO Diesel” equipment for there sports turf and golf equipment. They have already developed upgrade kits to existing diesel equipment to use bio fuel.  Using Bio fuel reduces carbon dioxide emissions buy 78.4%Implement more Propane equipment over petroleum use products will reduce harmful emissions and carbon dioxide.

6.  Implement Best Management Practices (BMP). Develop a compost bed from your yard debris and use it as mulch.  Plant shrubbery and grass that is low maintenance to reduce maintenance. Instead of spraying for insects look into using bio stimulants like stress-X which is a seaweed product. It does a great job on your lawn and helps prevent disease and bugs.

Remember to do all you can to take care of our planet for the future.

Happy Earth Day!