Beijing Final Baseball Field Under Construction


With under 100 days before the 2008 Olympic Play starts on the baseball fields….. we still have a ways to go.  After building the first 2 fields in 2007 there were a lot of lessons learned and I am sure this field will turn out just fine. It will be sodded with Rivera Bermuda Grass about mid June giving us a month to have the field healthy enough to take on all the practice sessions that begin July 26th. 

standing on homeplate.JPGThe left field fence on this new field is a bit close to the buildings.  Probably about 15 meters.  Should be fun for hitters that bash the long ball. Not so fun for the folks in the building.   This photo provides insight that the intent of keeping these fields here after the Olympics is going to be a stretch as the commercial property is pretty hot in the city.   

I did get a chance to watch the USA Womens Bsketball team defeat N.Z.  in the new Olympic basketball arena.  It is NBA quality, from suites to mascots, to dancers.  The Basketball venue is located just beyond center field of the main stadium.  China LOVES basketball…when China plays. Tomorrow USA takes on the locals.  Should be a fun test match. 



for your guidance and possible mentoring. 🙂

hope all is well, murray!


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