Seasons in full swing…Rain or shine!

camden field.jpgWith all of the international work we have rolling I sometimes forget how things are holding up around the homefront. We take care of a few ballparks around the country and the fields are really playing well and looking nice thanks to a great group of Brickman sportsturf employees.  Darrell, Kevin, Brandon, Aaron, Zach.  This time of year with the fields being heavily used …plus the heavy rains up and down the eastern seaboard we really have had our hands full….of water.  Here in maryland we had the rainy-est month ever. In some areas as much as 14 inches.

york field.JPG

Rain can cause a lot of groundskeepers headaches that require tarp needs for the field, pressure from team managers and G.M.’S mount –  it takes a toll.  Managing that type of work stress is something everyone in this industry  learns in there own way.  When I was running Disney’s wide world of sports complex fields we had one heck of a schedule.  It just so happened that the facility is located in the lightning capital of the world.  After the first year of 3 feet of rain I figured out there was not much else the crew and I could do. Putting out the big tarp on a few fields at night became just part of the system.  The old saying “when in doubt put it out” took on a whole new meaning as we just put it out all summer.  The other night I was watching the Nationals / cardinals game and the storms blowing through caused the team to delay the start of the game.  Well it was delayed until 10pm then cancelled.  There were some breaks here and there in the clouds but it never really let up, obviously a big crowd on hand so they waited it out. I had friends that went and said they had a blast even though the game never started.   Goes to show you that sometimes you can only manage what you can control and mother nature is not one of them the stadium ticket gates fall under the same category.


The fields from top to bottom are Camden, York and Charles County.  They look great guys


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